Indoor Air Quality Services

Indoor air quality is an important factor to consider when trying improve your home’s climate. Most people only focus on enhancing their AC and heating, but those things aren’t the only factors you should take into account!

We offer the best HVAC services in town, and our team is dedicated to providing you with high-level work. We treat every client like family by following an ethical code of conduct which includes honesty when pricing out projects or repairing equipment; therefore if it’s something small we’ll probably tell you outright.

The Dangers of Indoor Air

Homes are designed to keep the cold out in winter and hot air inside during summer. However, this practice can lead you into a cycle where your home’s environment becomes stale due to tight spaces that don’t allow for natural airflow patterns which cause indoor pollution levels to increase as well!

Indoor Air Quality Cleaning System Installations

We all know the importance of staying healthy, but did you also consider your indoor air quality? Air Conditioning & Heating offers a full range services for improving this important aspect that can affect both our health and comfort levels in homes.

We have the solution for your indoor air quality needs. We recommend installing MicroPower Guard filters, which are designed to remove smallest particles from the atmosphere and can be powered by solar energy! Our other advanced systems help control germs with UV sterilization technology that doesn’t use any harsh chemicals or electricity so it’s safe on both you AND our environment too!

Duct Cleaning

When your home’s heating and cooling system need an upgrade, it is important to have the ducts cleaned. This ensures that dirt build-up in these parts can be removed easily before they cause more damage or create harmful hazards for you!

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